CCS on Demand
CCSondemand predicts TWCCSN2 values and accepts common structure formats as input.
Pattern Targeting Application
The application enables the targeting of ion series in polymeric or hydrocarbon data.
MSI Analyte Browser
Visualizes and explores 2D mass spectrometry imaging data.
MSI Segmentation
Enables automated exploration and unsupervised segmentation of 2D mass spectrometry imaging data.
RapidExtract enables the use of DESI for screening applications.
MassLynx Raw SDK
The MassLynx Raw SDK allow access to MassLynx Raw data independently of the MassLynx application.
mRNA Cleaver
An in-silico digestion calculator and library generator for oligo mapping of mRNA.
RRT Alignment
Investigates potential applications of Relative Retention Time alignment.
Smart LC Method Developer
Provides intelligent automation for reverse-phase liquid chromatography method development.
Convert MassLynx MSE, DDA and HD-DDA data to mzML
MSI Quantify
MSI Quantify provides a processing workflow for performing quantitative mass spectrometry.
MSI RT Viewer
Helps to selectively monitor MassLynx imaging acquisitions in real time.
Coverage Viewer
An application to view the sequence coverage of an RNA product based on the in-silico digest list and experimentally observed digest products.
IMS Calibration
IMS Calibration is a tool for making and applying travelling wave ion-mobility (TWIM) calibrations.
Formula Parser
Decodes and breaks down the contents of the entered molecular formula.